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Why Sydney Cash for Car is Your Old Car Removal Services of Choice

Have a junk, old truck or a scrappy car that can no longer hit the road? Sydney Cash for Car Lidcombe is an old car Removal Company that buys your scrappy and unwanted junk for money. In other words, that old, wrecked, damaged, and unwanted junk car is worth a price. Here is why you should hire our services

Our Reputation Precedes Us

We are a reputable car removal company offering services in junk and scrap buying and old car removal services. We have a well-established client based in the region thanks to our upscale services which are superior, easy, and quick, unlike other companies. We use advanced technology to scrap off your not-drivable-car. Combine that with our expertise, and you will hire the most reputable car removal dealers in Sydney.


Located In Your Neighbourhood

Coming to your aid is a fast thing when you are near Lidcombe. With just a call, we will be at your doorstep in no time to remove that unroadworthy vehicle stuck in your backyard. You incur less charge hiring a close-by company such as Sydney cash for car. Being close to you also means that we can afford to have several pickups a week. As such, you do not have to queue or wait on the waiting list to have your old car towed away.


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Cash for junk car

Cash for unwanted cars

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Price Evaluation and Setting

You deserve a good price for that old junk stuck in your backyard. That is why we are the highest-cash-paid-on-the-spot kind of company. Call us today and become a living prove. Even if your car is too old, worn out, or demolished, worry not for that wreck is worth a dime and we are more than willing to pay instant cash to get that junk out of your way. In most occasions, we offer a free evaluation on your unwanted trunk to determine its real worth. Then you can discuss and negotiate a price that will be good enough for you and profitable. Our free quotes on the website are for absolutely any scrap car. Come and get rid of your scrap car for cash.


Services We Offer

We offer a variety of services depending on your needs. No vehicle is too wrecked for us. So instead of paying taxes on a vehicle, you do not use, why not contact us and get the best price for your old car. We offer:

  • Junk vehicle removal
  • Unwanted car or trunk removal
  • scrap trunk removal
  • salvage or very old car or trunk removal
  • cash for trucks

We buy 

  • Old Ute
  • Old trucks
  • 4WD
  • Old Vans
  • Ancient and damaged vehicles
  • Unwanted but in good condition vehicles


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Reliable company

Call us on: 0447274720 when you need our services, and we will be right there to give your unwanted vehicle value. Our certified company will never under-price your car and offer accurate quotes on junk and old cars. Check our website for testimonials from satisfied and esteemed clients. If you are looking a no-trouble, stress-free company, Cash for Car Lidcombe is your business of choice.


Our old car removal company thinks your scrap car is a goldmine and we are ready to offer money for it. We will come to your doorstep to offer our services and then pay you for hiring us.